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The Evolution of Procurement Talent Assessment, Acquisition and Development 

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Taking our shopping experience online has revolutionised how we shop as a consumer. Through automation, we have gone from spending significant amounts of time roaming the aisles of stores hunting for what we need to a simple search and click process that enables us to complete the task in relative minutes.

Anyone would be hard-pressed to find fault in the convenience and speed that this automation delivers – especially during the current COVID-19 crisis.

However, does automation work in all areas of our daily lives and the way we do business. For example, do we apply the same philosophy and processes when we are selecting talent?

The focus of this article is to assess the areas that automation benefits the recruiting or headhunting process. We will also identify the areas in which its effectiveness is somewhat limited.

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A New Procurement Reality

According to a recent IACCM series of surveys, supply chain disruption is increasing at an alarming rate.

On March 6th, 27 per cent of responding members reported that due to the coronavirus their supply chain had been disrupted. Later that month, 60 per cent indicated a disruption, and by mid-April, the number was at 78 per cent.

While we will emerge from this pandemic eventually, there will be lasting and significant changes in store for our industry and profession. As a result, everything from how we identify, engage, hire and retain top procurement talent will have to be reevaluated and changed where appropriate.

Sourcing Solved’s team of experts have the depth of industry experience, expertise, and research knowledge to help you and your organisation adapt to what is becoming this new reality for procurement and business overall.

We invite you to check out our on-line resources including Knowledge Notes, podcasts and thought leadership articles and then reach out to us to learn how we can help you to attract new talent and maximise your recruiting results.

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