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  • We listen with curiosity, speak with honesty and act with integrity.
  • We are transparent in all our dealings with clients and candidates.
  • We believe empathy and partnership drive a successful hire.
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Our Process

We work with each of our clients to form a close relationship and operate as an extension of your business. We spend time getting to know your organisation, how cost-effectiveness is measured, the compliance process and gain an understanding of the main drivers for procurement and finance.

Our strategic mindset and willingness to learn is at the heart of every project we deliver. Our method is focused and collaborative, adding sustainable value for our clients.

Every project is unique; Sourcing Solved takes the time to understand and define your key objectives, which requires a structured and targeted approach, to achieve mutual success.

Our process is tried and tested and follows a simple 7 steps to success journey. We engage with you and our candidates throughout each stage, ensuring both parties are communicated with along the way.

Scope & Job Specification

We meet with our clients to outline the search requirements, timelines, future company strategy and mission, and gauge an idea of the culture.

From this background research, we will work with you to design a unique job specification, from both yours and the candidates’ perspectives. Our joint input enables us to create an engaging and empathetic tone communicating to prospective candidates a visual understanding of their career progression. The agreed specification will then form the foundation of our search project.

Benchmarking & Search Plan

On all of our projects, it’s vital that we demonstrate that we have a thorough understanding of your role. Therefore, we provide you with a benchmark profile which ensures that we are both in sync before the official search gets underway.

We further research how and where potential top candidates will be sourced from. The research tools that form part of the search strategy will include our own database, previously conducted market analysis, and of course, our own network and contacts.

Human Selection

During the candidate identification process, we will continue to meet with candidates and the clients, and internally narrow down the list of potential candidates. Every candidate we interact with will be face-to-face, either in person or via webcam. We monitor their body language and responses to questions, and then select and assess against your businesses and personal objectives.

To ensure each CPO or Procurement Director has both the required analytical and emotional intelligence, we use cognitive and EQ based assessments to quantify these. In this way, we bring you employees who not only meet the headline criteria, but also possess the desired social skills to build successful relationships with senior stakeholders and suppliers.

Hand Selected Shortlists

Before any candidates are presented to our clients, we complete a basic background check to verify their qualifications and background. Provided there are no issues, we will provide you with three hand-selected candidates coupled with our search report, which outlines our suitability assessment and our conclusions as to why they are suitable for your executive position.

For us, transparency and two-way communications are essential for both you and the candidate. In addition to this, we also provide you with detailed interview notes, which include topics we feel should be discussed further – both positives and negatives.

Human-led Process

After we have presented our client with a short list of the top candidates, the client will conduct face-to-face interviews. We recommend all subsequent interactions between you and the candidate are face-to-face. Working in such a way sets the foundation for instilling a human-led process, demonstrating commitment and facilitates a natural conversation addressing their salary expectations in a much more relaxed environment.

During this stage, we will discuss each candidate’s resume, qualifications, personal strengths, and motivation with you before and after each interview.

Offers & Negotiations

We run final feedback sessions with the candidates and address any questions or issues raised by you, providing clarity and the opportunity for further discussion, should this be required.

After a series of interviews, discussion, and consideration of external references, our client will select their preferred candidate and the process of salary and offer negotiation will commence. We act as a mediator in this stage to ensure both the client’s and candidate’s needs are met.

On-boarding Support

After the start date of your new hire we offer support for a period of two months to ensure both parties have the necessary support required throughout the onboarding period, facilitating a smooth transition with an open and honest channel of communication.

The degree of involvement varies depending on the wishes of our client and agreements made earlier in the search process.

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