In the digital era of procurement, Iain McKenna looks at whether procurement is good at sourcing the right people to lead.

We invest so much money in technology to innovate. However, we still rely on advertising and keyword searching to attract talent, which is neither efficient or effective because sourcing great people requires effort, planning, and communicating on a human level.

After all, everyone is unique and has different qualities that they can offer businesses — qualities that are difficult, if not impossible to identify through either a keyword search or a broad or “big net” ad campaign.

In my experience, the only thing that’s changed in recruitment over 15 years, is the increasing reliance on technology alone, which uses keyword matching to asses the suitability of an applicant.

There is no doubt that technology is a useful tool, but like any tool, it doesn’t replace the necessity for human involvement and scrutiny of the search results, especially since so many candidates know these keywords and add them to their resume.

Rather than becoming detached from the search process and then having to wade through a volume of potential job seekers, it makes sense to refine and align your search efforts from the start to attract quality over quantity. By assessing qualities such as emotional intelligence in procurement, adaptability, and cultural fit, means that you will only be reviewing those candidates who best match your hiring needs.

When you think about how a poorly run recruitment process can affect your brand and your ability to attract quality candidates both now and in the future, I am sure we all agree, “true” innovation starts with people!

Iain Mckenna

Iain McKenna is the Managing Director at Sourcing Solved and helps firms with procurement transformation and preparing for procurement digitalisation.

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