Back in the 1960s artist, Andy Warhol said that everybody would be famous for 15-minutes. He was right with his prognostication with one slight twist – in today’s world of social media, everybody’s moment in the sun comes at the same time and repeatedly.

Against this expansive backdrop of a shared versus individual spotlight, it can be challenging to launch a new podcast and gain immediate traction.

There are, of course, so many terrific podcasts, such as Sarah Barnes-Humphrey’s Let’s Talk Supply Chain – which just hit the 30,000 follower mark, and the NIGP’s Decisions That Matter show that is setting the new standard for procurement’s use of the podcasting platform.

Don’t get me wrong; the procurement world is one of mutual respect in which supporting one another’s efforts regardless of the form said efforts take is commonplace. So, when we refer to other podcasts, we do so from the standpoint of their raising the bar of quality content versus competition. In short, if we were going to do a podcast, it had to offer great content in a unique and highly consumable format.

PI5M is Born

Coming up with a unique and highly consumable format that offers excellent content was no easy task.

That said, we have always believed in the axiom that quality trumps quantity, and with this in mind, a light bulb went off – why not provide a soundbite perspective within a 5-minute segment. Think of it in the context of a single question interview in which we ask industry leaders for their take on the most pressing procurement issues of the day!

It was from this simple concept that the Procurement in 5-Minutes or PI5M podcast was born.

So Far, A Great Journey

From our first episode, when 25-year procurement executive veteran Elvire Regnier Lussier answered the question “To Whom Should Procurement Report?” to the just-released segment with Professor Dr Karsten Machholz providing input on “How do you know that you have the right skills to succeed in procurement?” it has been a great ride!

For example, the listener response to Detlef Schultz’s segment identifying the “biggest threat to procurement’s success?” garnered countless comments. Given Detlef’s experiences as the Chairman of the Board – Vodafone Procurement Company Sarl, the response wasn’t a surprise.

That said, all of the episodes were equally engaging and at times thought-provoking and the upcoming episodes leading into the close of our first year are equally listener worthy.

Take 5 With Us

So, what is in store for the future?

Beyond doing what we do best-providing concise and meaningful answers to the questions that define our industry and profession in 5-minutes, there are plans to expand our segment content by introducing quarterly reports.

These reports will add research data and commentary on the subject matter we cover in our podcasts that can be read online or downloaded for your easy reference.

Other exciting initiatives are still in the early planning stages. We will share these with you as we get closer to their respective launch dates.

In the meantime, we would like to invite you to take 5 with us once a week as we continue to tap into the expertise and experience for insights from some of our industry’s most notable experts and thought leaders.