Achieving Success, Thanks to ADHD

For many people today, having ADHD is seen as an affliction to be overcome. For Iain McKenna, growing up with ADHD had its challenges, but it also gave him the drive to become a successful professional and founder of his own company.

“As the founder and Managing Director of Sourcing Solved, I’m proud to look back on my 15+ years of experience and my journey through the recruitment industry…

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Maximising Value from Digital Technologies

New innovations in digital technology are already changing the way we work.

But with so many new solutions on the market promising to transform your processes, how can you ensure you get the best outcomes from these solutions…

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Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

Whilst many companies are investing in recyling and sustainability, upcoming legislation will make it mandatory to do so.

We spoke to Group Procurement Director at Wavin, Peter Verkaaik, to understand the challenges of working towards a sustainable portfolio, and how companies can begin this process...

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The Future is Here: Harnessing Technology to Transform Procurement

As digital technology continues to influence procurement, how can business leaders use this to free up resources and drive innovation? 

Marcell Vollmer, Chief Digital Offer at SAP, shares his insights on the current opportunities digital transformation can offer, and his vision for the future of procurement...

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Hiring the Right Talent Within a Start-Up Environment

Hiring the right talent for your organisation can be a challenge for even the most mature companies; how can you succeed when still in the start-up phase?

Frank Bunte, Head of Europe at Nauto, explains how start-ups can successfully identify and hire the best talent, even with limited resources... read more

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Deconstructing Procurement

As visibility horizons shorten, industry boundaries blur, and technology continues to dictate the future, how can procurement evolve to meet changing demands?

We speak to Kelly Barner about the challenge, and necessity, of deconstructing procurement as we know it... read more

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Delivering a Successful Procurement Transformation

When building a procurement function from scratch, balancing the needs of the organisation and the stakeholders can be challenging.

We spoke to Klaids Lafon de Ribeyrolles, Director of EU Ops Procurement at Amazon, about his experience in engaging technology, stakeholders and talent to build a successful procurement function... read more

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Robotic Process Automation and the Future of Procurement

Robotic Process Automation is fast becoming an accessible, affordable choice for many organisations.

But how can it support procurement, and where is it headed? Steps 4 Consulting founder Richard Bell explains the process and potential of RPA... read more

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Recruitment and Retention: Finding and Keeping the Right Talent

How to find and keep the best consulting professionals in your procurement space.

Former Managing Director at Xoomworks and Consulting Director at SAIC, Nic Hutchins explains how to not only hire, but retain, the right consulting talent for your procurement practice... read more

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Reducing Risk in Procurement Executive Search

We sat down with Tim Noble, Head of Procurement at Transpennine Express, and Sourcing Solved MD Iain McKenna, to discuss the challenges of executive search in procurement, and what value means to them... read more


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The Effects of Brexit on Procurement

Tomorrow Theresa May will trigger Article 50 and start the process of Britain leaving the European Union.

Procurement specialist Angus Craig discusses the questions being asked by procurement professionals around Brexit, and the factors that will influence the answers... read more

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Back to Basics: Six Ways to Generate Cost Savings

Procurement Consultant Brian Goodall explains how you can generate cost savings, even with limited resources

Procurement Managers must juggle a number of priorities and responsibilities, including creating and delivering cost savings, managing strategic supplier relationships, reducing supply-side risk, sourcing products and services, and managing key stakeholders... read more

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Which Reverse Auction Type Should You Be Using?

Reverse auctions are becoming a popular way for procurement professionals to save time and money, but it’s not always clear which auction type is right for you.

Market Dojo, the pioneering SaaS company offering on-demand sourcing software, explains the differences. Although there are a number of different formats to choose from, each with different strengths and weaknesses, here are the three most popular auction types... read more

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