Introducing our new partners: Market Dojo, Provalido and Pagero

Having recently repositioned ourselves within the procurement market, we're excited to be making waves in a sector that is currently crying out for changes to its recruitment process.

According to Iain Mckenna, Sourcing Solved CEO, "as procurement is rapidly becoming more global, the technologies provided by our partners will become essential in any organisation’s arsenal, to ensure the smooth running of their procurement operations. These partners are addressing the emerging needs of companies, and will play a key role in the future of procurement."

Pioneering SaaS company Market Dojo offers professional, intelligent and easy-to-use online negotiation software. Alun Rafique, co-founder at Market Dojo says "Market Dojo are delighted to be working in partnership with Sourcing Solved to present synergised solutions to both the eSourcing and executive search industry. We believe that Sourcing Solved are essential to delivering transformation changes to procurement teams and helping businesses find the right individual for them."

Savings tracker tool Provalido helps organisations plan, manage and report their procurement savings in one easy-to-use tool. From FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies down to small domestic organisations, it brings visibility and credibility to their cost reduction activity. Provalido MD Paul Gurr says "we are delighted to be partnering with other providers to the procurement community who are emerging as leaders in their field".

Pagero’s eInvoicing is playing a fundamental part in eProcurement and an increasing number of European countries and public sector clients are introducing this as a legal requirement. Iain Mckenna says that "Pagero’s eProcurement solution matches our vision of client engagement, and will re-enforce our offering to new and existing clients."

With the appointment of Nic Hutchins, former MD at Xoomworks, as the new Sourcing Solved Chairman, and the establishment of these partnerships, this change at Sourcing Solved marks an exciting time of progress for the company and the services made available to procurement and finance organisations