Christmas can be stressful at the best of times

This year has been somewhat worse than others for Santa Claus, who has been experiencing extreme supply chain issues.

With the elf strike continuing into December and an increase in children being nice, Santa has found himself with a supply chain that cannot fulfil the Christmas demands.

Having a long-standing relationship with Sourcing Solved, who as well as specialising in procurement have strong links with the executive reindeer community, Santa sought a recommendation for supply chain support.

“Children are putting toys like flying drones and games consoles on their Christmas wish lists; some of these toys require a lengthy production process and with the current elf strike, myself and Mrs Claus are unable to fulfil all of the demands!”

Sourcing Solved were happy to recommend SaaS company Market Dojo, who wasted no time in analysing Santa’s supply chain. It became apparent that Santa had two choices: relocate his production facilities from the North Pole to China (which is still a long-term possibility) or use an eSourcing solution to find suppliers to produce some of the Christmas Toys.

Market Dojo co-founder Alun Rafique explained “Being aware that it wasn’t long until Christmas, we pitched to Santa knowing that through using our eAuction tool he could find and compare reliable suppliers whilst purchasing at market value.”




Delighted with Market Dojo’s eSourcing solution, Santa is back on track and even looks set to finish ahead of schedule. “Not only am I confident that no child will be disappointed this year, but I have more time on my hands to address the elf situation, and reach a decision that works for everyone”.

A big thanks to Market Dojo for supporting Santa Claus and ensuring that we'll all have a very merry Christmas!


Market Dojo are a pioneering software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that offers professional, intelligent and easy-to-use online negotiation software at commoditised pricing.

Santa Claus is the figurehead of Christmas, bringing gifts to the homes of well-behaved children every Christmas Eve.