eSourcing Event "Unmitigated Success"

Iain McKenna_Market Dojo.jpg

Market Dojo's inaugural eSourcing event a huge success. 

The eSourcing experts welcomed speakers from G4S, Specsavers, MoD and more to share industry insights.

Sourcing Solved were delighted to be speaking at the event, which took place at Stonehouse Court Hotel on 6th April. With key speakers from industry leaders, attendees were treated to a range of insightful talks and discussions around the future of eSourcing.

Market Dojo co-founder Alun Rafique, says "It was our first conference after six years in the making and it's been an unmitigated success. We've had a superb turnout, wonderful presenters and delegates have been able to network and meet a range of solution providers. We will be doing the same event again next year because of just how fantastic it has been this year!"