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Maximising Value from Digital Technologies

New innovations in digital technology are already changing the way we work.

But with so many new solutions on the market promising to transform your processes, how can you ensure you get the best outcomes from these solutions…

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Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

Whilst many companies are investing in recyling and sustainability, upcoming legislation will make it mandatory to do so.

We spoke to Group Procurement Director at Wavin, Peter Verkaaik, to understand the challenges of working towards a sustainable portfolio, and how companies can begin this process...

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Robotic Process Automation and the Future of Procurement

Robotic Process Automation is fast becoming an accessible, affordable choice for many organisations.

But how can it support procurement, and where is it headed? Steps 4 Consulting founder Richard Bell explains the process and potential of RPA... read more

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Independent Consultancy: Going Solo

Making the move into independent management consultancy.

After years of working for someone else, Jon Howell made the decision to go it alone as an independent management consultant in procurement and supply chain. Here he describes his experience.

Bold moves often bring the greatest rewards, and it doesn’t get much bolder than making the choice to go out on your own.

Even the most confident decision-maker can feel a twinge of self-doubt before making that leap into the unknown... read more

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Measuring Value in Recruitment

Don't focus on cost - time is what matters when you're recruiting

I'm often surprised by how people perceive cost in the recruitment space – and how they'll rank it first in their decision making, even above other more important factors. Sure, we all like a bargain – but most of the time we know where to draw the line... read more

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