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Hiring for Emotional Intelligence

A great leader is not only about having a comprehensive skill set, experience and being able to nurture and encourage their employees and colleagues but also being able to manage and understand their own and others emotions within different situations and environments.

Emotional intelligence isn't an area which can be quantified on a CV as this requires human interaction, body language, and engaging on a human level. Managers may have sufficient technical skills to complete their day-to-day tasks; however, lack fundamental self-awareness and social skills, making them less adaptable in today's fast-moving world.

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Reducing Risk in Procurement Executive Search

We sat down with Tim Noble, Head of Procurement at Transpennine Express, and Sourcing Solved MD Iain McKenna, to discuss the challenges of executive search in procurement, and what value means to them... read more


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Measuring Value in Recruitment

Don't focus on cost - time is what matters when you're recruiting

I'm often surprised by how people perceive cost in the recruitment space – and how they'll rank it first in their decision making, even above other more important factors. Sure, we all like a bargain – but most of the time we know where to draw the line... read more

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