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Maximising Value from Digital Technologies

New innovations in digital technology are already changing the way we work.

But with so many new solutions on the market promising to transform your processes, how can you ensure you get the best outcomes from these solutions…

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Deconstructing Procurement

As visibility horizons shorten, industry boundaries blur, and technology continues to dictate the future, how can procurement evolve to meet changing demands?

We speak to Kelly Barner about the challenge, and necessity, of deconstructing procurement as we know it... read more

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The Ethical Supply Chain

The growing importance of ethical solutions and a transparent supply chain.

With over 30 years’ experience in the procurement market, David Capperauld co-founded SP Sourcing nine years ago. SP Sourcing’s aim is to help companies improve the performance, efficiency and sustainability of their supply chain, without compromising on their ethical responsibility.

We caught up with David to discuss the growing importance of ethical solutions and a transparent supply chain... read more

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Measuring Value in Recruitment

Don't focus on cost - time is what matters when you're recruiting

I'm often surprised by how people perceive cost in the recruitment space – and how they'll rank it first in their decision making, even above other more important factors. Sure, we all like a bargain – but most of the time we know where to draw the line... read more

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