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Securing Top Procurement Talent in the Digital Age

Procurement as a profession is going through a time of major transformation.

We work with each of our clients to form a close relationship and operate as an extension of your business. We spend time getting to know your organisation, how cost-effectiveness is measured, the compliance process and gain an understanding of the main drivers for procurement and finance.

With the advent of digital technology and complex global supply chains, there is a growing requirement for a new breed of procurement professional and leader. However, in a market in which there is a growing talent gap, successfully recruiting and hiring the right person for the job is becoming increasingly difficult and, in many ways, more costly.

This Knowledge Note’s main goal is to provide you with an accurate and highly useful picture of the current market for talent, including its unique demographic make-up to better position your organisation for success. Included in this knowledge sharing exercise, we have also provided you with a new yet proven and more effective methodology for identifying, assessing and ultimately hiring not only the best and the brightest candidate but the one that best aligns with your company’s objectives and culture.

This Knowledge Note is available through a collaborative effort between Sourcing Solved and CPOStrategy

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