At this year’s Zycus Horizon 2021 conference, I have the privilege of talking with three top procurement executives and industry thought leaders regarding how they “blazed a trail” for digital transformation success within their organization.

Joining me for what promises to be an exceptional panel discussion are Pim Willems, Director, Global Sourcing & Contract Management at DANONE; Nicolas Gonzalez, Associate Director, Global Source-to-Contract at MONDELEZ; and Deborah Dunne, Global Director, Indirect Procurement at CLARIOS.

Discussion Points:

In this highly energized 20-minute session, Pim Willems will talk about how his experiences working with Sales, Procurement, Logistics, Outsourcing, and People Management has helped him to blaze a digital transformation trail with Danone.

Deborah Dunne will share her experiences with starting up a new global Indirect Procurement organization in Clarios due to M&A divestiture from Johnson Controls to leverage digital procurement to achieve the company’s strategic objectives.

Finally, and in his role as Digital procurement enablement/Procurement Digital transformation leader at Mondelez, Nicolas Gonzalez offers essential advice on setting realistic objectives and establishing best practices to successfully power change with digital procurement.


By attending this session, you will gain an inside look at how top global companies embrace the digital promise and transform their teams and departments into leading-edge procurement practices.

To register for the session (and conference), use the following link: