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Gap Assessment

According to the responses to the 2019 Deloitte Global Survey, 76% of the 481 CPOs queried (managing over US$5 trillion of spend) rated the effectiveness of their teams as strategic business partners as fair (69%) or poor (6%).

Also, a decreasing number of procurement leaders rated the skills and capabilities of their current teams (49% in 2018; 46% in 2019) as sufficient.

These talent gaps are further “magnified” by the COVID-19 crisis not only in the present or short-term but in the long-term as well.

Through our adaptive team of top procurement executives, we can help you to identify the gaps in your current procurement practice. We can also help you to establish a plan of action to gain an edge in a highly competitive talent market to address said gaps on a timely and cost-efficient basis.

Position and Goal Alignment

Let’s face it, with automation and AI including keyword matching that enables HR teams to gather a windfall of resumes through a single keystroke or bullion search; resumes do matter. After all activity – high activity is a sign of productivity, and an effective way to identify individual EQ, isn’t it?

In a recent article, a senior executive lamented “I’ve received over 500 applications over the last week for two jobs I posted. Most of them focus on education and are light on what they’ve done and what benefits they drove.”

Concerns like these are common and raises the question; are you getting the right value versus volume to your job postings?

Through our position and goal alignment service, we will help you to achieve the right balance between quality and response so that you reduce the amount of search and assessment time to make the best hiring decisions.

Virtual Interviews

We live and work in increasingly uncertain times. While global economies are taking a significant hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demands on supply chains are equally notable.

For the many organisations who were in the middle of searching for top procurement talent to fill key leadership roles, the task has become increasingly challenging – especially at the candidate interview stage in a virtual setting.

As someone who has been hiring people virtually for more than a decade – with a 98 per cent success rate, we will show you how to apply our proven interview preparation techniques to ensure that you identify the best candidates for you and your organisation.

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