Procurement in 5-Minutes

We live and work in a busy world in which there is little time to read, watch or listen beyond the headlines.

Hello, my name is Iain Campbell-McKenna, and this is “Procurement in 5-minutes.” That’s right, in 5-minutes (or more), I promise to tackle some of the biggest challenges and deepest questions our profession and industry face on a day-to-day basis.

In today’s Part 2 of my interview with the Head Of Procurement at Amazon Fresh, Lauren Jones, regarding the question, “When hiring, do you prioritize soft skills over hard skills?” we delve further into the subject by focusing on the “screening process.”

Part 2 of 2 Segments

In Part 1, we will discuss the impact of soft skills versus hard skills on success.

In part 2, we will delve further into the question, including a review of the “screening process.”

Visit Lauren’s LinkedIn profile @: Lauren Jones | LinkedIn