Procurement in 5-Minutes

We live and work in a busy world in which there is little time to read, watch or listen beyond the headlines.

Hello, my name is Iain Campbell-McKenna, and this is “Procurement in 5-minutes.” That’s right, in 5-minutes I promise to tackle some of the biggest challenges and deepest questions our profession and industry face on a day-to-day basis.

In today’s 5-minutes I welcome Innovation & Technology Strategist Jack Shaw, who is recognized as the World’s #1 Professional Speaker on Blockchain, AI, 5G/IoT, & Digital Transformation to answer the question:

“What role will cryptocurrency play in procurement’s future?”

Jack Shaw has over 30 years’ experience helping leaders transform their organizations’ digital ecosystems amid new waves of technology. A Global Thought Leader, industry polls have recognized Jack as one of the World’s Top 25 Speakers and one of the Top Five Technology Futurists. Today, Jack answers the question; “What role will cryptocurrency play in procurement’s future?”

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