Hiring from home: 9 tips on how to conduct interviews in the new virtual reality

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We live and work in increasingly uncertain times. While global economies are taking a significant hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demands on supply chains are equally notable. For the many organisations who were in the middle of searching for top procurement talent to fill key leadership roles, the task has become increasingly challenging. The previous limitations of the standard or traditional processes are, in the new remote or virtual environment, magnified given that in-person interviews are not possible in most instances, especially during this pandemic. Let's put aside for the moment questions such as how will you identify candidates whose digital footprint is limited. As studies show, many of the best and brightest will be virtually invisible to search platforms that rely heavily on things like keyword matching. Instead, we will focus on the "burning question: which is this; how do you hire your next procurement leader from home? Virtually daunting? It is reasonable to assume that we are all to varying degrees comfortable with using one or more of the myriad of remote communication and collaboration tools that are available. However, it is one thing to have a virtual team meeting, and quite another to rely

Talent acquisition goes digital, but does fast and efficient equal sure and effective?

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In December's 2019 HR Technologist article 3 Ways to Refresh Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Heading into 2020 talks about the need to shorten the hiring process. The reality is that the longer the hiring process, the more likely you are to lose the interest of a potential Procurement Director. The suggestion to avert such a risk is to provide possible hires with a "quick and efficient way to apply for jobs while on-the-go." Texting was one example of how companies can leverage technology to make the hiring process more convenient. Unfortunately, the article did not specify for which jobs or positions this approach would be best. In this context, the type of job is an important consideration. Fast and efficient may be an ideal way to hire your next pizza delivery person, but when it comes to choosing a procurement leader who will innovate and lead your procurement team into the new digital era, being thorough and precise sounds like a far better approach. Looking beyond talent acquisition There is no doubt that technology can play a potentially useful role in the hiring process. To start, you can cast a broader net to build a much larger pool of

The Making of an Effective CPO

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Typically, a chief procurement officer (CPO) is an executive of a corporation who’s responsibilities lie in the management, administration, and supervision of the companies acquisition programs. Their role may require them to be in charge of the contracting services and may manage the purchase of supplies, equipment, and materials, but what is the making of an effective CPO?