Why Us

We Are

Our aim with each of our clients and candidates, is to build a close relationship. We work as part of your team to hire and develop your procurement function.

We understand the importance of hiring exceptional procurement leaders and the value that can be delivered from an exceptional hire. We evaluate how executives approach challenging scenarios, their experience and skill sets, and the emotional intelligence and ways of thinking applied to situations. All of which are paramount to successfully recruiting senior leadership positions.

We know procurement intimately.

An investment in you

We invest the necessary time required to deliver your next procurement leader short-list.

Our success is built on the power of curiosity, which we believe increases efficiency and fortifies our resilience, therefore encouraging creative problem solving. We will always consider your challenges, along with the ever changing demands you face as a company.

Relationships built on trust

Our relationships with our clients and our candidates are built on trust, transparency and dedication, not just technology. We do use technology to our advantage, but never rely upon it to select candidates, as we believe finding the right fit is based on more than just keywords in a CV.

Recruitment technology is commonly used to profile applicants for high volume positions who correspond to a list of criteria. However, such systems lack the ability to apply curiosity, measure emotional intelligence or tailor questions, which help evaluate potential procurement executives’ motivations, characteristics and management style.

In short, technology lacks the human touch.

We understand that selecting and hiring procurement executives is a challenging process, with so many areas to consider. Utilising a recruitment system which fundamentally relies on algorithms, does not always source the candidate specification to the full.

Selecting the best candidates isn’t easy. To get the search right requires experience, factual research, evaluation and procurement knowledge– qualities we acknowledge as being paramount when hiring your next procurement executive.

We’ve spent over 10 years developing long-lasting relationships within the procurement industry and gaining a full understanding of the different challenges organisations face when recruiting their next executive.

Our clients retain our services to provide them with a methodical process and factual reporting. Many of our clients have highlighted the importance of retention, this is an area we pride ourselves on, with an average retention rate of 4.5 years for each procurement leader we have successfully placed.

This demonstrates using an executive search process is proven to be cost effective and a worthwhile, long-term investment.

Sourcing Solved’s true value lies in their ability to listen to an organisation’s challenges, recognise their needs, and support their growth through aligning the objectives of finance and procurement.

– Fidel Sesumaga, Director EMEA Procurement,
Westinghouse Electric Company

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If you’d like to discuss your recruitment needs, drop us a line and we will schedule a call to understand how we can support you and your company growth.